Oklahoma has opted out of the federal exemptions, but the opt-
out applies only to its residents. “No natural person residing in
this state may exempt from the property of the estate in any
bankruptcy proceeding the property specified in subsection (d)
of Section 522 of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978, Public
Law 95-598, 11 U.S.C.A. 101 et seq., except as may otherwise
be expressly  permitted under this title or other statutes of this
state.” Okla. Stat. Ann. Tit. 31, § 1(B).
So, if this state is the applicable state (as determined by the
method stated on the home page of this site), debtors who are
not Oklahoma residents on the date of filing bankruptcy may
use the federal exemptions.
In re Townsend, 2012 WL 112995
(Bankr. D. Kansas 2012) (debtors who are not residents of
Oklahoma on the date of filing bankruptcy may choose the
federal exemptions because Oklahoma's opt-out statute does
not apply to them).

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