This state permits only its residents to use its exemptions. “The
homestead of every family, resident in this state . . ..“ S.D.C.L.
§ 43-31-1. “Except those made absolute, the exemptions
provided by this chapter do not apply to the following persons:
(1) To a nonresident . . ..” S.D.C.L. § 43-45-7.

Therefore, if it is the applicable state (as determined by the
method stated on the home page of this site), its exemptions
may be used only if the debtor is a resident of this state on the
date of filing bankruptcy.
In re Volk, 26 B.R. 457 (Bankr.D.S.D.
1983) (Exemptions of South Dakota were limited to residents
and, therefore, were not available to debtors who were not
residents of South Dakota on date of filing).