Indiana has opted out, but its opt-out applies only to Indiana
domiciliaries. “[A]n individual debtor domiciled in Indiana is not
entitled to the federal exemptions as provided by Section 522
(d) of the Bankruptcy Code of 1978.” Ind. Code Ann. § 34-55-
10-1. So, if this state is the applicable state (as determined by
the method stated on the home page of this site), debtors who
are not Indiana domiciliaries on the date of filing bankruptcy
may use the federal exemptions.
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The following case comes to the above conclusion based on
the incorrect belief that Indiana's opt-out statute includes
nonresident debtors.
In re West, 352 B.R. 905 (Bankr.M.D.Fla.
2006) (because debtor was not resident of Indiana on date of
filing and its exemptions were limited to residents, its
exemptions were not available to her and debtor was eligible
for the federal exemptions under the saving provision in 11
USC § 522(b)(3)).